Sachin Tendulka ‘DNA’

Sachin Tendulka ‘DNA’

Sachin Tendulka ‘DNA’


Sachin Tendulkar DNA

Smalti, Gold Leaf Smalti and glass beads on MDF, 30 x 60 inches, 2011

The Sachin Tendulkar DNA mosaic was something very new and very different for me and indeed took me into a completely new direction, genre and sport. As part of the unique content creation for the Tendulkar Opus publication I was asked to take part in an unprecedented event and indeed artistic process in itself.

At an event held in London Sachin Tendulkar, arguable the worlds greatest ever batsman and one of the worlds great sporting icons, agreed to have a mouth swab sample taken. Using at the moment DNA technology the sample was used to create Sachin’s very own unique DNA profile. I was then asked to take the DNA profile and interpret and create a colourful mosaic artwork of the very same. The Opus team wanted to take the mosaic form to another level and the re creation allows you to see literally inside of Sachin the icon.


It was really fun to work closely with Sachin himself.

Sachin commented ‘’ I wasn’t really sure how the final result would work out, it was fun and something different. I have to say that I fell in love with Genna’s finished mosaic as soon as it was presented to me, so much so that I had to have it flown over to India where it has found a heartfelt place in my Mumbai home’

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