Journey to Makkah

Journey to Makkah

Journey to Makkah


‘Journey to Makkah’

Smalti,glass beads and marble tiles on MDF, 42 x 60 inch. 2009

This commission was very special given its spiritual origins, connotations and cultural heritage. The challenge was to create an inspiring work of art and as unique element of content for The Official Journey to Makkah Opus that tells the incredible story of one of the greatest human gatherings and pilgrimages on the planet, the holy Hajj pilgrimage to Makkah through mosaic. It was important to me that I could attempt to create something extraordinary for this project.  Working closely with the Makkah Opus team in the initial research stages I was able to gain a real insight into the background and historical elements of the annual Hajj pilgrimage and the main aspects of Makkah being the Kabbah itself. I felt it was vital that I had a good grounding in the research on such a subject before embarking on what for me became an emotive journey.  The piece initially began in earnest with small pieces of opaque glass, known as Smalti, I crafted and created the mosaic through a painstaking process of constant revision and improvement over six months. The final piece integrates millefiori, tiles, glass beads, jewellery and an array of assorted,  colourful and textured objects. I eased the pressure and let myself go where my heart and soul was leading. In much the same way that pilgrims are led to the Ka’bah.

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The commission then took a further exciting turn. The Makkah mosaic will appear in the Opus to be published later this year. However the original mosaic itself was unveiled and presented to His Royal Highness Prince Turki Al – Faisal of The kingdom of Saudi Arabia. His Royal Highness decided that the piece should be on show to the public and upon launch of the Makkah Opus later this year the Mosaic will be on view at National Museum in Riyadh, something that was a great and joyful surprise! HRH Prince Turki said

 ‘ I am honored and deeply touched to see our holy Makkah being so beautifully represented inn this wonderful mosaic. Miss Wise has attempted to capture the emotion and belief that comes from the pilgrimage and I think that she has really brought a new way of seeing Makkah to pilgrims through her art’’

This Opus is will be launched within the next year.

Journey to Makkah:



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