‘Heart of Glass’

‘Heart of Glass’

‘Heart of Glass’


Heart of Glass

Gold leaf and transparent Smalti, glass beads and vintage jewellery on mirror base, 20 x 24 inch, 2013

The brief was to create a red heart mosaic as part of the development for the groundbreaking Official Michael Jackson ‘Immortal’ World Tour Cirque Du Soleil Opus. The mosaic heart was commissioned as a special request by the Cirque Opus team both as part of content inclusion in the body of work and also as a concluding special surprise gift to Guy laliberte, the Founder and Creator of Cirque Du Soleil. Guy Laliberte, now has the Heart of Glass mosaic hanging on his wall in his Montreal office.

The brief was to create a small but vibrant red heart mosaic. I decided to experiment and work on mirror so that I could use transparent Smalti glass and achieve a glow twinkle factor for when it came to be photographed for the Opus content. I also used Gold leaf Smalti to enhance the rich red tones within the intricate patterns and effects. Glass beads and specially chosen vintage gold jewellery were also used to add a real unique feel and texture to the piece, and reflects the rich tapestry of effects used in the Immortal show itself.




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