Century Wheel – Tendulkar

Century Wheel – Tendulkar

Century Wheel – Tendulkar


Century Wheel – Tendulkar

Smalti on MDF, 23 inch diameter, 2012

As part of the Opus publication celebrating the iconic career of the great Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar I was asked to illustrate in mosaic form the so called ‘wagon wheel’ diagrams that outline and show the variety of shots he makes during one of his many famous innings and in this case where he had scored a century during the match against England in 2008.


The use of the different coloured glass to represent the variety of runs Sachin made that day allows the art to come alive in both a factual sense and also visually as well. What I particularly like about this commission is that the piece tells a ‘real’ story in the way that the viewer can actually see and hopefully feel the artistry in what Sachin was doing that day he scored one of his historic centuries – and if course one of the very few batsman to score 100 centuries in test cricket. The mosaic is a true representation of a certain sporting moment yet I tried to give the piece my own sense of fun and vibrancy along the way.

Sachin Tendulkar commented ‘ …for me this was a very interesting and satisfying art piece…I loved how the sporting data can be mixed into the art world like this, Genna is very clever in being able to bridge the two genres in this way…its fun and its one of the art pieces that I receive many many rewarding comments all the time’






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